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More Pictures!

Well it seems as if I have run out of room on my other photo page! Have no fear, the "More Photos" page is here! :)

You know I hate to brag but, my girlfriend is f*****g hot!
Down below is a picture of KC and I. Wow, this must be from the summer of 96'! Crazy!
This is Brian AKA "Bingo" and Jessica. This was at a party my friend's Sara and Ulf had in Cortland. Brian is the singer/guitarist for my band, Sabra Vine. I don't know exactly what he is shouting there but I think it's probably something like: "Hoooooooooooooooooooo"!
Here's the sexy Jessica again. I really think that this girl could be a model. Look at that pose! Meow!
This is my dog, Hercules. He's a Chow Chow. Doesn't he look like a bear?
Here is my dad in his garden on Father's Day. He loves doing that kinda stuff. Every year we have 1,000,000 peppers and tons and tons of zucchini. I really wish he'd stop planting stuff and work on our Mustang! It's almost done! Just some hubcaps and a paint job is all it needs! Yeah!
Here are my friends Danny and Kearns. Kearns is on this page a lot, but that's the first one of Danny. I'm real glad I met this kid. He's awsome. He's single too! Anyone interested?