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Eric's Pictures!

Here's a bunch of pictures of a bunch of stuff. Complete randomness, but I am sure it'll give you a good idea as to what I am all about! Enjoy!


This is me. Don't worry, I don't always looked that pissed! I'm a nice guy, really!


This is me and my girlfriend Jessica. I love this girl to death! Aren't we cute?

These are my 2 cats. The black and white one is Fonzi and the stripped one is Bambina. How adorable is this picture?

This is my new car! It's a 2000 Hyundai Accent! I love it! It's the first "new" car I've ever had. What do you think? Check out Hyundai's homepage in my Favorite Links section.

This is Luigi. He's my other cat. Unfortunatly, we lost Luigi to a stoke and we had to say goodbye to him. I know he's in cat heaven now. He was a good egg. We'll all miss him. Rest in peace Luigi. 7-6-00

This is the 1965 Ford Mustang that me and my dad are working on. Hopefully It will be done soon and we can go out "crusin!"

This is my tattoo. It's a sun with the Chinesse symbol for "energy" inside it. These things are addicting!

Here's my friend Joe. He's AKA "JPT." He's a photographer and this is one of his self portraits.

This is me and my friend Brian. He is the bassist for my band "Sabra Vine." Do you think he looks like Keifer Sutherland?

Here's me and my ex-fellow-student Dave. He graduated last year and is a teacher now. I'm still here. That's life! Check out Dave's "The Rhythm Merchant" hompage in my Favorite Links section.

Here's my friend Christine on New Years. I doubt if she really wanted that much of her ass in that picture. Oh well!

Here's my friend Kristen. I call her KC. It's much cooler. We met at work. I think that's the only good thing I got from working there. Whatever.

Here are my friends Kearns and Kate "The Snake". I don't know what they are thinking in this picture but it doesn't look good!

Here is my housemate Nate and his girlfriend Kate in our cubicle of a kitchen. Since these two are connected at the hip, we call him/her/it "Knate." :)

This is my friend Pat's senior picture. No he didn't graduate in 1975. I guess he's just "retro." Wow, suddenly I am in the mood for broccoli!

This is my friend Darius and I. I've know him since 10th grade. That was a long time ago. He annoys the hell out of me but he's a good friend. If any ladies are interested, he's single! : ) Check out Darius's homepage in my Favorite Links section.

This is me and my "piason" Anthony. We've been buds for a long time. This pic was taken right before he moved to AZ.

This was me on Halloween of 1997. I decided to dress up like that j*****s from "Prodigy." Kinda similar though no?

This is me and Dave and my housemate Ed @ a Pilfers show in a club near our school. We were all a little "impaired." Great show though! Check out Ed's homepage in my Favorite Links section.

No that's not Eminem and his girlfriend. It's my friends Lil' Mikey and Jen. I met them here at good old Cortland! They are always snowboarding so I don't get to see them much. I guess that's how the cookie crumbles. {sigh}

This is my girlfriend Jessica, and Kristen @ my house. We end up there a lot.

Here's my buddy Kearns again. I guess he thinks he's tough or something! :)

Here are my friends "Juhnet" and Lisa. Juhnet is the one with the beer in her mouth. I bet there are a lot of guys who wish they were that bottle! :)

Here's another one of Ed. He's supposed to be working on computers right now but I guess Mr. Sandman got the best of him. Stupid hippie!

Here's my sister Lauren. See and similarities?

This is mom from her driver's license photo from like 1979. She's gonna have my head for this one! :)

Here's my in the tub when I was a tot! I used to be so cute! What happened?

Here is my best friend and lover, Jessica again. This girl is beautiful in everyway. Smile!

Here's one of Darius and Jessica in the summer of 1998. I think this was Anthony's "Going Away Party" however I could be wrong.