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Welcome To Eric's Page!

*** This page was last updated on August 16th, 2000.

A little bit about myself:

I am a senior psychology major @ the State University of New York; College at Cortland. Upon graduation, I hope to land myself a job having to do with some sort of advertising. Maybe I wil make commercials! I wanna be the guy who puts the "well endowed" woman in the beer commercials! Boy am I thirsty! : ) I enjoy quite a number of leisurly activities as well! To mention a few, I like all kinds of music, from punk to alternative to hardcore to drum and bass (being it understood that "country" is something that I do not consider a "type of music"), snowboarding, skateboarding, body piercings, tattoos, baseball (especially my New York Mets!), ultimate frisbee, driving my car, and just about anything else!

Below is the count of how many people have visited this page! Don't you feel "oh so cool" to be one of them? I know I would! :)




This is a "homepage" right? Well hence the saying, the picture above is my house. Yep, I live in suburbia. It's actually quite nice around here! My house is on the corner of a street, therefore we have a lot of property. Okay, I've gotten way to deep into this explaination. Sorry. Enjoy the site!