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Eric's Favorite Links:

Here are some links to some pages that I like. Some of them are my friends' websites. They are okay, but not as cool as my site! Only one can be this good! Check em' out!

Well since this is a page of "Favorite Links", I decided to put my friend Laura here. Her last name is Link and since she is the only "Link" I know, I guess she's one of my favorites! I met Laura in psychology class last semester. She's a little weird, but cool all in the same. Don't click on her head because like her brain, it won't work! : )

Go check these cars out! They come with a 10 year roadside assistance plan! Takes a lot of the hassle away from people with frequent "car trouble" such as myself!

The Rhythm Merchant
This is a page that my friend Dave built. It's about his solo music project. Check it out! It's good stuff!

Darius's Hompage
This is my friend Darius's page. Theres a bunch of stuff on here about him, such as resumes, pictures, and contact information! Check it out!

Ed's Page
Ed is my friend & "housemate." I put that in quotes because that's the term I use, for lack of a better word, to describe him. Housemates usually pay their rent. With Ed, such is not the case! His page is pretty cool though! It's got links to some great ska bands' websites, some pictures, AND a weekly update of "Dancin' Jay!" Don't know what I am talking about? Click here to find out!

Sabra Vine
This is a page about my band, Sabra Vine. It includes a biograpy, sound clips, pictures, and tour information. Go check this out! (Darius actually put this one together for me.)

The New York Mets
LET'S GO METS! This is my team! If you are a die hard Mets fan, such as myself, check this page out! It's got everything you could every possibly wanna know about the "Amazin' Mets!"

SUNY Cortland's own 90.5 W-SUC FM; The Dragon!
This is my school's campus radio station. If you happen to be surfing this site on a Friday from 12pm - 2pm, and live within a 10 mile radius of SUNY Cortland, flip on this station! That's me! Check out this site. It's got Hit's Of The Week, a DJ List, and a Concert Calender!

Going somewhere? Need a Map? Mapblast gives you point to point detailed instructions of how to get from anywhere to anywhere else within the United States!

This site is great! It contains surveys that you answer and submit if you need to know certain things like, what presidential candidate you should vote for, what is the right kind of pet for you, what kind of car would best suit your needs, personality descriptors, etc... Go now!

SUNY Cortland
Thinking of going into elementary education? What about physical education? Maybe psychology? Check out the programs SUNY Cortland has to offer! This is my school and I can say from experience that it is excellent!

Do you like MP3's? Well I know I do and I also know that Napster is GREAT for finding these! You can get MP3's of all kinds from any other member of this MP3 community! It downloads in minutes and easy extremly user friendly! Check it out! You won't be disapointed!

Can we say "fun, easy, free, fast, downloadable games"? This site has about 7 free games on it. They're nothing special but they are fun as hell! I personaly recomend "Beer Goggles"! It's hours of enjoyment!

The online resource for those who enjoy the fine art of drinking games and other such low and degenerate activities. Drinking and party games, alcohol-related contests, DrunkGames.com polls, and many other fine uses of beer and alcohol can be found within these pages. DrunkGames.com is brought to you by Drunkmaster D and his trusty side kick The Keg Stand Kid. You will find that Drunkgames.com is always in flux and it is being updated on a nearly daily basis as DrunkGames.com's exceedingly talented webmasters are working their craft.