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More About Me:

This guy rules! He's my idol! He's the #1 reason I decided to major in psychology. Ok, none of that is true but he is still pretty cool!

Eric's Life Story In A Nutshell

I was Born Eric Anthony Arico on August 19, 1977, to Anthony James Arico and Teresa Ann Cafarelli-Arico. I came into this world in a hospital known as St. Johns in Yonkers, NY. My Dad is 100% Italian and my mom is 50% Scottish, 25% German, and 25% Italian, which makes me 62.5% Italian, 25% Scottish, and 12.5% German!

4 years later, almost to the day, I had a beautiful baby sister, Lauren. She was, and still is, the best birthday present I had ever gotten!

We lived in Yonkers until I was in the 6th grade. It was getting a little "sketchy" there so my parents decided Then we moved to Rockland County.

When we got to Rockland, it was like starting a whole new life. I had to meet new friends and get used to what we then considered "suberbia."

I never really had that much fun while I was attending middle school. Making friends was hard for me so I pretty much just befriended those kids that lived in the neighborhood.

I played little league for a couple of years, but my outfeilding was horrible so I never made the "good" teams. One year, however, I was the only kid in my leauge, to hit an over-the-fence grand slam homerun! I was a decent 3rd baseman, and a pretty good pitcher too! however, since my fielding was so bad, I got stuck in the "minors."

As much as I liked baseball, I found a particular interest in music. My dad plays guitar and every once in a while, when he was at work, I'd sneak his guitar out of his room and toy around with it. My dad knew that I loved playing it, and therefor decided to buy me one for my birthday that year! I was thrilled! I played that thing day and night until my fingers practically bleed! I didn't care though, I just loved to make music. I started to take lessons around the 8th grade or so.